K. Zimmerman

“I feel like I have a new chance

Life-changing dentistry is just one of those things that you have to view as an investment.

I didn’t come from money, I had to get creative about paying for the work. AND… it was the best health decision I’ve ever made.

I just figured there was no better investment than to do something great for myself and my future.

Creating the smile of my dreams was a continual conversation between us, turning something broken and stressful into a work of art that I love! You really can’t put a price tag on your peace of mind when it comes to your health.

Dr. Detrik has a way of inviting you into his process and helping you make it your own, ensuring that it’s something you’re on fire about, together.

Today, in this moment, I feel like I have a new chance. Thank you.

-K. Zimmerman, realtor

Dr. K. Hynes

“dr. detrik cured my chronic headaches

Thank you for being willing and committed to providing a style of service that others won’t consider anymore.

Most think, “What’s the minimal service for the most money?” That’s not Dr. Detrik however.

He strives for mastery and charges a fair price for someone as accomplished, recognized and as skilled as he is.

He’s keeping a lost art alive in my humble opinion, one that embraces cutting edge technology but embodies concierge touches and heartfelt patient relationship. Bravo.

PS… my chronic headaches have fled the scene, literally days after we finished treatment. It was a lot of work, but you changed my quality of life.

-Dr. K. Hynes, chiropractor

Dr. D. Martin

“dr. detrik is fastidious and ensures perfection

Dr. Detrik really did an amazing job on my smile makeover.

He is incredibly thorough, fastidious and detail oriented.

He is willing to take the time (as long as it takes) to achieve the optimal result for the patient and ensure perfection. Awesome dentist and an awesome experience!

Certainly worth the investment.

-Dr. D. Martin, pathologist

M. Rosado

“he masterfully reinvented my smile in one day

I had a wonderful dental experience.

Dr. Detrik took time to listen to my wants and needs. From the initial consultation to the end of the procedure he offered superb guidance.

He masterfully reinvented my smile in just one day, then took time to perfect it until it was exactly what I wanted.

His work was precise. He runs his practice with incredible efficiency and his staff are just as friendly, hospitable, and professional as he is.

I have a gorgeous smile as the end result and I highly recommend Dr. Detrik and THRIVE to anyone looking to be more than a number

-M. Rosado, teacher

Dr. N. Hempstead

“I can’t begin to express how thankful I am

Dr. Detrik recently saw me for an emergent issue with my teeth.

I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to he and his team, both for the resolution of my dental pain, and for the time they took to treat me.

They explained what they were doing at each step, taking extra care to ensure that I was comfortable, frequently checking in with my wellbeing.

Their clinic was clean and soothing; the dental chair was equipped with light massage capabilities and ocean sounds, which was quite fantastic! They work expeditiously together as a unit; however it was apparent to me that they would have taken as much time as needed to guarantee a perfect outcome.

They are as attentive to the underlying issue as they are to the aesthetic results of their work.

They were kind and personable with me, allaying my anxieties throughout. I highly recommend their work for any dental issue you have. Thank you!

-Dr. N. Hempstead, psychiatrist

R. Mickey

“dr. detrik painted a masterpiece

I was born with a genetic defect that kept some of my permanent teeth from forming. Kids being kids, I was picked on and made fun of routinely.

Time passed and I learned to deal with it, however because they were "baby" teeth, repetitive trauma from kickboxing easily damaged them and they turned a darker color. People wondered if I was a smoker!

Something needed to change.

I’ve never been one for cosmetic improvements, but Dr. Detrik's enthusiasm persuaded me to let him use me as a canvas. He painted a masterpiece!!

My confidence has grown and had I known the profound effect it would have on my life, I would have done the work decades ago. You’re never too old to make a positive change, and Dr Detrik's skill can overcome any issue.

If you have any insecurities about your smile, get a consult. You will be glad you did. Don't let too many years pass you by not being the best you can be!

-R. Mickey, engineer