We're looking forward to connecting with you! If you're here for the TMES Auction, we'd love to hear from you if you have any burning questions like "Do you accept my insurance?", "What happens if I think I need more than the $10,000 Credit?" or "What if I don't win the auction bid but still want to consult about my smile?"

The auction website is and you can place your bid there if you haven't already. The entire thing is a win-win... if you win, you get a $10,000 credit towards a smile makeover and your donation helps support teacher aids and fair pay for our educators. If you don't, there's nothing lost and you're more than welcome to come in for a consult to receive our complimentary 10% TMES Auction Promo on any restorative work you may need!

Included in the $10,000 Smile Makeover Credit are the following concierge items...

  • a concierge discovery session at our office (you choose the time)
  • a full head & neck exam plus records (photographs, radiographs and models)
  • a comprehensive and thorough oral examination
  • a 1-on-1 consult with Dr. Detrik to strategize a game plan that meets your needs/desires
  • a 60 minute adult cleaning & prophy
  • a diagnostic wax-up combining  aesthetic & function so you can preview your new smile
  • four (4) teeth, either in porcelain, LiSi or resin (we're a metal free practice)
  • ... additional needs may arise, especially in engineering the ideal health outcome, either due to functional or aesthetic concerns. If so, the credit is applied and the client is responsible for the difference

We'd love to hear from you, so feel welcome to fill out the form below! We're looking forward to connecting...

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