from virtual consult,

to visual concept...

I never want a person to live half a life, just because somewhere along the way, someone made them feel less than enough.

My first name Galen, means calm healer. I strive with every client in my care, to honor that powerful responsibility as I re-imagine beauty, health and function in one of the most personal areas of your body.

To me, this is my calling and I train tirelessly to be sought after for it as the go-to dentist for precision cosmetic dentistry.

There is an art form to creating strong CEO smiles, radiant performer smiles, and all in between. Each is as nuanced as the person who wears it.

But far beyond the technical, I help you see what I see, without judgment… a bold, powerful, liberated you, ready for anything.

I care about your fullest expression, and if I can help you realize your potential, I’d love to work with and for you to meticulously design your smile reinvention.


recreating what was lost,

reimagining what could be...


Everyone has a different reason for coming to see me.

For some, it’s health... jaw joint pain, sleep apnea, broken teeth...
For some it’s beauty... spaces, rotations, discolorations...
For some it’s function... worn edges, sensitivity, loose teeth...

Still others come to me with an instinctual desire to reinvent.

All have one thing in common though: they want change.

Some see themselves entertaining thousands, speaking from stages, selling homes, leading businesses or winning court cases...

Others beat cancer, are newly divorced, want to switch careers or just want to step into the most true version of themselves.

And nothing makes a bolder statement of confident, profound change than a show-stopping smile that looks & feels natural...

...like the REAL YOU.

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explore your reinvention,

embody your potential...