Dr | Galen Detrik

CEO of THRIVE BioAesthetics, the New Mexico native has built 5 successful businesses with his wife Dr. Davina Detrik in the field of dentistry, from clinical practice to their national charity initiative sur•THRIVE which donates smile transformations to survivors of human trafficking. He lectures on resin artistry internationally, and has been featured on the cover of the prestigious Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry for a novel technique in the area of aesthetics and minimally invasive dentistry.

THRIVE stands for the things we care most about in life, the elements we see as passions worth living for - Time, Happiness, Relevance, Income, Variety & Experience.

When bringing on a new client, the focus is on a relationship and peace of mind. It truly is an experience we've hand-crafted to engage all of your senses, and ensure you feel heard. We work intimately together to engineer and perfect the treatment plan and health decisions you want to make, never pressuring and always empowering.

We're not for everyone but that's intentional. True artistry and a care for detail, biology, function and your future success takes time to develop and create. Your story matters to us, and we cannot wait to see you THRIVE...